Monday, May 20, 2013

A Dozen

I sort of disappeared for a month... sorry.  I had a garage sale, and then went to Disney World (that post is in progress), and then celebrated a kind of big deal around here.

Twelve months.
A dozen donuts.  (or maybe more.  Just sayin')

I just can't even begin to describe the emotions of it all.  I spent the entire day Friday thinking back to a year ago... being hugely pregnant and completely terrified.  Every moment that Parker was in my belly, he was safe.  With the very first breath he took, everything would change.  We knew nothing except that it was out of our hands.

I so clearly remember laying on the operating table and whispering "Please, Jesus, be with us. Please, Jesus, be with us..." the entire time.  Pools of tears were collecting in my ears, Mike was completely silent and rubbing my hand, and the anesthesia tech kept asking, "Are you okay?  Are you in pain? Why are you crying?"

My only answer was, "He has to be okay.  He has to be okay.  Please make him okay."

And he is.

It's been a year, let's just leave it at that.  I have a few more gray hairs (as if I needed THOSE, thankyousomuch) and a much deeper appreciation for the miracle of life, but we made it.

Time to celebrate!


Our Donut Stop Believin' theme was SO. MUCH. FUN.  The party was at 10:30, so I did light brunch type items.  The park had a track to run on and a playground for the kids, so I brought balls and sidewalk chalk and it worked out great.  It was pretty low key, and it was a fantastic celebration with many many people we love very much.

Donut cupcakes and smash cake
 These two signs pretty much sum up the last year for us.

 Everybody got donut holes to take home.

 Abby by the coffee pot.  Because we are never far from one another.
And yes, that is my ParkerPoof from the Color Run.  

It was POURING Friday night, and as this was the first outdoor party I had ever thrown, I was dying.  Control freaks ought not to be allowed to plan outdoor parties.  I knew enough to not even entertain the notion of an outdoor wedding, for the good of everyone around me.  Still, Jeremiah's birthday is in December, and he always gets stuck with indoor parties. I wanted to do Parker's outside, and thankfully the weather cooperated!  We had beautiful weather for the entire party, and then a monsoon ensued that evening.  Perfect for the Donut Dash!

So. Many. Donuts.

The "official" challenge was one mile, eating four donuts along the way.  I made a rule that if you puked, you were DQ'ed.  Thankfully that wasn't an issue! The officially official winner is Mr. Matt, runner extraordinaire and eating enthusiast.  

 EVERYONE got a medal, whether they did one lap or five, whether they ate one donut or twenty.

 I made the medals by melting down candles, pouring them into a donut mold, cooling, then dipping them in colored wax and sprinkles.  I think they came out adorable! (I will confess, however, that by medal #60  I was questioning my sanity. Still, crafts make me happy, and this was crafts with a cause!)

 Parker DESTROYED his cake.  He didn't eat much of it, but proceeded to fingerpaint himself and his surroundings quite nicely.  He had a ball, couldn't have been any happier, and rode home naked.

It was a special day for our family.  We shed some tears, to be sure, but mostly we were overcome by the love we felt from so many, and the joy they shared with us.And because they are tremendously fantastic people, I will be mailing the more than $500 we collected in lieu of gifts to Children's Healthcare of Atlanta this week.  Love love love.

We came home and literally flopped on the floor.  And my heart was full to bursting with gratitude for the gifts God has given me.