Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Atlanta Color Run


**these pictures are shamelessly stolen from my Aunt Nesie.

So happy to spend the morning with some of my favorite people, sporting some turquoise in honor of CDH Day!
To say that Jeremiah had a good time would be the grossest of understatements. (His shirt says "I'm COLOR RUNNING for my brother!")

He rode in his stroller for the most part, but Sister and Cousin Madi graciously offered to run him through the Color Zones. Kilometer 1 was Yellow.

Some initial "What on earth????" moments, and then he was ready to get messy!!
Kilometer 2 was the Green Zone. Jeremiah's favorite.

Kilometer 3- Pink. Jeremiah informed me that this zone was for girls only and refused to get out of his stroller. Goofball.

Kilometer 4 was the Purple Zone. I ran through with my boy!

Finish line mayhem. JB and his buddies.

Cousins Millicent and Madison. He ADORES these girls.

Sister's husband and girls couldn't make it (boo), so she trucked it along with Preggo. Love her.

When else in your grownup life can you spend a morning looking like this??

Two things to note about this picture.
1) This is probably the only side view I will allow from this point forward. Seriously?? SEVEN MORE WEEKS??
2) I was looking for an excuse to get a new stroller for Parker. I think I have one now. :-)

Best. Day. Ever.


  1. Thank you so much for sharing the pictures. My friends and I were already signed up for another run on the same day or else we would have done the color race... maybe next year!

    1. A definite must do!! It was such fun and neat to see all kinds of people acting foolish together. I hope they come back next year!

  2. Abby, what do they use to spray you? It looks like a BLAST and I would love it... but I am ridiculous and can't help but contemplate the laundry aspect of this run. :)

    Corinne (Samuel's mama)

    1. It is cornstarch mixed with food dye... I am shocked at how easy it cleans up! You must give it a try if they come to a town nearby!!!