Our Timeline

August 26, 2012--  NG tube removed, finally "unencumbered"


August 4, 2012-- Moved to step-down unit, oxygen support discontinued

July 20, 2012-- Switched to low-flow nasal cannulae for oxygen

July 10, 2012-- First attempt at oral feeding; 5 mL bottle

June 25, 2012-- Moved from critical NICU A to the "swing beds" (hopefully on our way to the step down NICU B)

June 20, 2012--  PICC line removed.

June 16, 2012--  Discontinued use of IV nutrition-- full feeds of breastmilk through NG tube.

June 9, 2012-- Extubation day.  Put on high-flow oxygen.

June 1, 2012-- Repair surgery!  Double patch (GoreTex and mesh)

May 27, 2012-- Off ECMO!  Put on conventional ventilator.

May 22, 2012-- Due to excessive bleeding from catheter injury (bleeding exacerbated by blood thinners required by ECMO), discussions held about removing ECMO support early.  Parker fails an off-ECMO trial, meaning that if ECMO is discontinued due to bleed, he cannot survive on ventilator support.  Urologist inserts a larger catheter to put pressure on the bleed, which helps immensely and the crisis is averted.

May 18-19, 2012-- Parker put on ECMO due to inability to oxygenate lower part of body (upper body sats were great).  Foley catheter inserted into soft tissue instead of bladder, causing extra bleeding.

May 18, 2012-- Parker Edward Knoll was born at 7:02 am.  21.5 inches long, 7 lbs 15 oz!!

May 15, 2012-- Follow-up at perinatologist (fluid level fine). Pre-op appointment with OB for delivery Friday.

May 10, 2012-- Perinatologist.  BPP #6 passed, despite ever-so-slightly elevated amniotic fluid level.  Follow up visit ordered for Tuesday 5/15. Meeting with neonatologist.

May 8, 2012-- OB visit.  Non-stress #5 passed.

May 4, 2012-- Perinatologist, BPP #5 passed.

May 1, 2012-- OB visit.  Non-stress #4 passed with some mildly shady behavior on Parker's part

April 27, 2012-- Perinatologist.  Growth scan (Parker is 6 and a half pounds!) and BPP #4 passed.

April 24, 2012-- OB visit.  Non-stress #3 passed with flying colors!

April 20, 2012-- Perinatologist. Biophysical #3 passed.  Confirmation that Parker has lots of hair!

April 17, 2012- OB visit.  Non-stress #2 passed (despite slowing in heart rate)

April 13, 2012-- Perinatologist.  8/8 on biophysical #2.

April 10, 2012-- OB visit. Non-stress test #1 passed.

April 6, 2010-- Perinatologist.  First Biophysical Profile passed.

March  30, 2012-- Perinatologist appointment.  Growth scan looks good (4 lbs 9 oz).

March 22, 2012-- Regular OB appointment.  Official scheduling of c-section for 8 am on May 18, 2012.

March 9, 2012-- Perinatologist appointment, good growth measurements.  Follow up fetal echo with pediatric cardiologist, no concerns at present time. (Hurdle #5) Given a three week break from peri appointments!

March 2, 2012-- Normal OB appointment.

February 24, 2012-- Perinatologist visit.  LHR= 2.12!  Tour of Egleston NICU.

February 16, 2012-- Regular OB visit-- glucose screening done and passed! (Hurdle #4)

February 10, 2012-- Perinatologist visit.  Negative for polyhydramnios and fetal hydrops.  Liver as yet not herniated.  Both lungs developing nicely.

February  2, 2012-- The Day Store Brand Toilet Paper landed me in the labor and delivery unit.  Foolishness.

January 26, 2012-- Normal OB appointment with Dr. Sermons

January 13, 2012-- Appointment with perinatologist (Drs. Eller and Feng). Measurements right on track, stomach and some bowel herniated. Liver appears to be down for now. Brain cysts no longer of concern.

January 6, 2012-- Fetal echo with Dr. Videlefsky. All heart structures and heart functions appear normal. (Hurdle #3)

January 5, 2012-- Normal OB appointment with Dr. Sermons

January 3, 2012-- Final results from amniocentesis reported as NORMAL for most chromosomal abnormalities or neural tube defects (Hurdle #2)

December 23, 2011- Preliminary results from amniocentesis reported as NORMAL chromosomes 13, 18, 21, and XY (Hurdle #1)

December 21, 2011- 17 week ultrasound: diagnosis of left-sided congenital diaphragmatic hernia (CDH).  Immediate amniocentesis ordered due to CDH combined with soft marker of cysts on brain.

September-November 2011- Normal NT scan and Triple Screen results