Saturday, September 14, 2013

On the Subject of Miracles, 2.0

I have gotten approximately 15 "WE NEED A PARKER UPDATE!" emails in the last few weeks.  I so much love that people are invested in his little story and our little family.  I have so much to get caught up on-- our beach trip, marathon training, and big news on the Parker front (all good!).  Must. Get. Better. About. Posting.  But I do thank those who you who check in on us.  I apologize for my absence, but in all honesty, we have been SO BUSY around here, by the time it's time for updating the blog, I am facedown on the sofa watching mind-numbing reality shows until I wake up drooling on the cushions.

HOWEVER, I couldn't let today pass unnoticed.

Sweet Rose, aka Jude's mommy, and one of the first ladies who reached out to us after Parker's diagnosis, organized a little get together today for some CDH babies who live not too far from each other.  I was so excited to go, to finally get to love on these babies who beat the CDH monster and to hug the necks of the women who understood our journey better than anyone and who stood by our sides through thick and thin.  I've often referred to them as "imaginary" friends, because I feel like I know them, but would walk right past them in the grocery store.

Today we finally got to meet, and it was a grand and glorious time-- all of our families (minus just a few) in a beautiful park on a perfect fall day.  Hearts full to bursting.

Lily, Bonnie, Clara, Parker, and Jude (in the back)
**picture courtesy of the Hardys**

It's hard to look at that picture and not be amazed, knowing their stories, and knowing the struggles they have all faced. 5 wee ones, with something like 18 months' NICU time between them.  5 strong and healthy babies who all, at various times, were far too close to dying.  5 little people who, for all intents and purposes, are living "normal" lives doing what "normal" babies do.

5 miracles.

I mentioned it before, but I think it's worth mentioning again, the miracle isn't that these babies survived.  Or even that they were born.  The miracle is that they were formed, albeit imperfectly... Imperfect by human standards, but designed exactly the way God intended them to be. 

Looking at those faces above, I think you'd be hard pressed to find any of us who'd change a thing!