Thursday, May 10, 2012

Pouty Parker, Pouty Mommy


I absolutely die laughing when I look at this picture.  The consensus is that it was past donut time.

Today was my last visit to the perinatologist.  Well, it was supposed to be.  Everything is fine, no real changes, but in the last week I have accumulated 3.6 extra centimeters of amniotic fluid.  It puts me at 25.6-- normal range ends at 25.  Translation--- I have to go back in Tuesday for ONE MORE VISIT with the perinatologist.  It will also be the day of my pre-op OB appointment, and then it will be go time!

Apparently nobody is really concerned at all with the extra fluid.  With only seven days to go-- it will make me more uncomfortable and MIGHT send me into early labor.  At this stage of the game, it won't make one bit of difference to Parker.  Sigh.  $4 more to the parking deck of doom.

We also spoke to a neonatologist from Northside today.  She walked over from the hospital to speak with us, and I have to say it was not fun times.  She chatted for about 10 minutes, and I was completely flustered by the end of it.  Her tone of voice and her line of questioning rubbed me the wrong way.  The first thing out of her mouth was, "Sorry about your baby."  She then asked about other children, and seemed mildly surprised that Jeremiah was born healthy.  She walked us through what will happen in the delivery room, and then gave a completely conflicting account of Parker's first hours of life.  ALL of our doctors have said that the priority is to make sure Parker is stable before transport to Egleston and that ECMO will be determined on an as needed basis.  The neonatologist today told us to expect Parker to be gone to Egleston within an hour or two of his birth, and that any testing would be done at Egleston.  She made some weirdly toned comments discouraging Mike from riding in the ambulance with Parker, even though Mike had expressed zero interest in that.  She expressed her near certainty that Parker would be immediately placed on ECMO.  She informed us that if all Egleston's ECMO bays are full, we will have to go to Augusta (!!!!!).  She followed all that up with, "Of course, he might not make it long enough to be transported."  Sigh.

We know all of these things to be true, but it was frustrating.  We have never met her before, she didn't even look at our file before she started talking, and to top it all off, she won't even be working next Friday when Parker is born.  *secretly, I am happy to hear that news.*  I know she was doing her job, giving us the facts (none of what she said was untrue), but we have been so very spoiled by our doctors.  They have all been so very caring, we have spent so very much time together, and we truly feel like we are in the very best of hands.  I left all grouchy and pouty like Parker, Mike blew it off and said it is unlikely we will have to deal with her again.

She did tell me: a) our pediatrician **shout out to Laura Putnam!  Love her!** is one of the most highly respected in her field and she refers anyone in the area to her, b) she was pleased I had managed to breastfeed Jeremiah for 7 months, and c) I looked great.  Whatevs.

All of that to say-- back to the perinatologist Tuesday at 8 am, OB appointment Tuesday at 10:30 am, and then Delivery Day on Friday at 8 am!  Yowza!

Gotta end with a mind cleanse--

I CANNOT BELIEVE the amazing people we have in our lives.  Seriously, y'all.  Every single day we either have something dropped by our house or delivered in our mailbox.  We have gotten gift cards, puzzle books a-go-go, "sunshine bags", an artist's print of Krispy Kreme for Parker's room, monogrammed burp cloths, the sweetest cards, care packages, and so many offers to keep Jeremiah that I have him all squared away for 8 weeks.  It is truly astounding to us that so many people, some of whom are complete strangers, are so willing to love us and support us right now.  Please know how much it means to us.  How much all of you mean to us.  It is making this last week so much more bearable.

**We received a box this week from MJ's Memories, which is tied to Project Sweet Peas.  Megan sent us a huge box PACKED ABSOLUTELY FULL of NICU survival items (picture frames, brag books, toiletries, baby clothes, baby pillows and blankets, baby sleep masks, decorations for the room, etc. etc. etc. it just kept on going!), along with a very sweet letter.  She lost her little MJ to CDH, and she chose each and every item in that box with thoughtfulness and care.  Amazing, amazing, amazing.  Please visit their websites to see the work they do for NICU families. Thank you, Megan!!!!!**


  1. Ok 1...Dr. Putnam is our Dr too!!!! LOVE HER!!! 2nd...oh you handled that so much better than I would of!!! ((hugs)) to you guys!!! Can't wait to meet Parker...He's in God's hands and we know he's safe there!!

  2. Praying for you... I read back in my journal about the days before Clara was born. I wrote: I feel like a tidal wave is on the way. It will be a crazy and scary time, but I am praying for God's grace for you and your dear family. There WILL be medical folks with whom you just don't "click," but fortunately the majority of them are just amazing and will help carry you through. Love from North Carolina...

  3. Love and prayers from North Carolina. It will be a crazy time ahead, but fortunately, MOST of the medical staff will be great and will help carry you through.

  4. I love the tone of your blog, especially the "Whatevs." I am a CDH mama to a survivor and unfortunately you will encounter people like your neonatologist throughout your journey occasionally. I call them Debbie Downers. My Dakota was born more than 7 weeks early with Right-sided CDH, she was transported by plane the night of her birth to a hospital 5 hours away, then she went on ECMO on her 2nd - 5th day of life - so the little girl had conquered armies in her first week. It was about day 8 or so- Dakota was off ECMO and rocking on her sats (100/100), great blood gasses, stabile as can be and just waiting for the surgeon to return from vacation to do her surgery. I was showing her off to my sister who was visiting and showing her the blood gasses in her notebook like a "normal" mama shows off baby pictures. Anyways, our nurse that day listened to me and then said, "You know, this is a critically ill newborn." Such a simple and true thing to say but I honestly could have punched her. I mean, I knew she was still on the ventilator, she hadn't even had her surgery, but I didn't care. She was doing great and I was proud of her! She tried to pop my bubble, but I liked my bubble, and it got me through. My sister, who loves tv, said she reminded her of Debbie Downer from Saturday Night Live. It made me giggle. So from then on, when someone would try to pop my bubble I would make the Debbie Downer face in my head and hear the "Wah, wah, wah" music. I luckily had a lot of positive doctors and nurses, however, including her surgeon, who made me positive at all times that she was going to survive. I am so thankful for them. Many, many prayers for your Parker!!!! What a cute little face! I hope you have a smooth birth and great start to Parker's recovery!
    Mom to Dakota 12-25-2008
    RCDH survivor

    1. All I can say is, "What is wrong with some people?!" What a stupid nurse! Of course your baby was critical! Otherwise you wouldn't have been there! Your nurse should have joined you with "Yes! Isn't she doing amazing?" :) I would have made sure she was never on our service again!

  5. Clearly Dr. Downer doesn't know how big your God is and how He moves moutains every single day, girlfriend!

    Parker is in the very best hands...his Daddy's hands. He will guide (even the grumpiest of grumpy) doctors and will carry you in the coming days. His grace in times like these is absolutely incredible. I pray it over you daily. Much love from the Davises! Now go get that sweet baby a donut (or four!) Xoxo

  6. Just wanted to let you know that I have been praying for your family and for precious Parker daily. I came across your story through another story. I come to your page daily to check in and see how things are going. Praying that God will show mercy on Parker and wrap his loving and healing arms around him. God is Good.... ALL the time!! Love and Prayers from Kershaw, South Carolina!!

  7. My baby is at Egleston too. We are going to be there for quite a while. Feel free to stop by and say hi. I am praying for your little man and a safe delivery for you!

  8. Just love Parker's picture!. Cracks me up every time I look at it! Doctors like the one you saw today just drive me up the wall! No one can say if your baby will immediately be placed on ECMO. It all depends on how he does on "the outside". Lot's of prayers go up for him every day! He might not need ECMO at all. You never know, right? :) Well, I'm glad you're able to brush her off and I'm REALLY glad she won't be on when you deliver! I'll be thinking and praying for you all week until Friday unless you POP before that!

    God bless,
    Jacob's Mommy (RCHD Survivor)

  9. Abby I wish I was half the woman and mother you are. You are amazing and your boys are so lucky to have you. My prayers are with you and your boys.