Thursday, May 31, 2012

Chugging Along

Today was a good, steady day for the P-nut... So much so that there is talk of bumping up his surgery to Friday!! We are thrilled (and somewhat frightened) by this news. Tomorrow's progress will determine if he gets the go ahead-- if he stays where he is or improves, it's a go. Prayers for the doctors to know if he's ready or not!! I trust them, so if they are comfortable with Friday, I will try to be too.

In other news, there is an abnormality on Parker's chest xray. There is a mystery spot on the bottom of his right lung. There are three possible culprits:
1) congenital cystic adenomatoid malformation (a benign cyst. Pretty rare)
2) pulmonary sequestration (lung tissue that develops but doesn't attach to the actual lung, therefore being useless. Can be common with CDHs.)
3) just part of his hernia (Dr Williams feels this is the most likely)

None of the three are life-threatening at this time, and all three can be addressed during his repair surgery. None of the doctors seem to be upset about it. Mike and I of course are not fond of "mystery mass on lung."  Still, whatever it is won't delay his repair surgery, and it sounds like all three possibilities can be removed with little to no fanfare.  Dr. Parker said he will just deal with it when he gets in there, and doesn't think a CT scan is necessary in the meantime.  It's always something-- this little one has quite a bag of tricks that he likes to throw in at various intervals!

I had Storytime Shift tonight.  Still no eyeballs for Mommy.  I DID get some response-- when I put my "mommy square" (a knitted pot-holder type situation that I wear in my bra during the day and then leave in his bed when I am not there... they say the scent is comforting to him) down next to him, he started sucking like crazy on his breathing tube.  He's got the right idea for what to do when mom's around... I'll take what I can get at this stage!

He was not paralyzed today.  When I got there, he was all sorts of wiggling around, but minus the angry silent cry sad face from when he was in so much pain last week.  He was just squirming tonight.  Squirming is good, it helps get fluid off and helps him start to develop muscle tone after the atrophy of 10 days of paralytic.  Shortly thereafter, he snuggled himself into his little nest, pulled his little arms in, and fell sound asleep.  There is a huge difference between the sleep of a heavily sedated somewhat paralyzed baby and a still sedated but able to move baby.  His sleep tonight just LOOKED different-- he looked peaceful and downright comfortable.

I read him "The Little Red Lighthouse," kissed him goodnight, and came on home.  Big day tomorrow-- surgery decisions.  Please join us in praying for guidance for the doctors to make the best choice for Parker.  He's had a heck of a week, and we don't want to upset the apple cart.  We also don't want to hold him back when he's ready to push forward. 

If his 12 days of life have been any indication, Parker will let us know in no uncertain terms.  Strong-willed little stinker.  Wonder where he gets that from??


  1. Strong willed is a VERY good quality for these little CDHers! It will pay off!!! Our docs and nurses always said, the baby is in charge!!!

  2. Precious and I am amazed at the pot holder trick that is so interesting, he certainly knows and loves his momma. More prayers for today's decisions.

  3. Glad to hear Parker is doing well!! Will pray for Parker, you and his doctors!!

  4. Abby so glad to hear things are going well. Keep strong. God is watching over P-nut and his wonderful team of doctors and nurses. Sounds like he is just as strong willed as you are. That is a good thing. Lots of love.

  5. Hang in there! I have been following your blog for quite some time and thoroughly enjoy your sense of humor and grit!

    Prayers all the way around for the Knoll family.

    A Grandmother in SC

  6. May GOD help guide ALL of you, including the P-Nut, in the decisions of today. That way you will KNOW they are the RIGHT ones! God Bless!!

  7. Hi Abby, Found your blog via Corinne's. He is beautiful and a daily addition to my prayers.

  8. What a cutie. I remember vividly the anxiety of the docs telling us Ruby was going to have her surgery. We had very little warning but they sure knew what they were doing. The sooner he gets his repair done the sooner his lungs can have room to grow!! He'll let you all know when he is ready. Keep up the good work Parker!! YOU ROCK!
    Adrianne, Scott, and Ruby McVeigh

  9. Aaww- he looks so cute in today's picture. It totally takes me back to when Jessica was there 7 years ago. Praying for a smooth repair tomorrow, or whenever he is ready.

  10. Strong-willed is the VERY best thing he can be!! It's one of the things I prayed for all those weeks he was cookin'. I have no doubt that a strong-willed personality is part of the key to survival for these little ones. Clara's strong-willed personality still comes out every single day. I know when she learns the phrase "Me do it" at age 2 or wants to date someone we're not wild about at age 15, it's going to come back to haunt us. But for now, I'm reminding myself that it's that spirit and tenacity that means she's alive today. I'll take it.

    Praying for good timing for surgery, a successful operation, and a speedy recovery. Tomorrow IS National Doughnut Day ( Just sayin'...

    love, prayers and praises

  11. We have found that their strong wills more than likely comes from their Mamas :). However, a very brilliant Peds Surgeon once told me, "All the bad traits come from their fathers." :)

    He is doing wonderfully and I love that you are able to keep your sense of humor through all of this. Trust me, sometimes there are no more tears to spill and a good laugh helps with the tension!

    Keeping you and yours in our thoughts, prayers and Lung Function Chants!