Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Mini ME this time!

Long, long ago, during my pregnancy that seems from a different lifetime, there was one particular 4D ultrasound that cemented in my mind that Parker would be yet another carbon copy of my husband.  It would be physically impossible for Jeremiah to look more like Mike--

Exhibit A:
Mike at 4

Jeremiah at almost 4

Because Parker's ultrasound picture looked SO MUCH like Jeremiah did as a baby, I just figured he would be another MiniMike... That would be fine with me, 'cause I think my husband is a handsome sort of fellow.

However, as soon as Parker began opening his eyes, the consensus has been that he looks like me, who in turn look like my dad.  I've seen flickers of it here and there, but it wasn't until I was at my grandmother's house for lunch today that it hit me-- Parker is MY MiniMe! 

Abby at 4 months

Parker at 4 months (I wish I had a better angle to compare!)

If we were to put Parker in a pink smocked dress, I think we'd have a match.  I am tickled to death by this news. 

Other developments around here include the kicking to the curb of the SmartMonitor (a Velcro chest strap with 2 electrodes that monitor his breathing and his heart rate).  It was only prescribed because he was on the NG tube, as a precaution in case the tube somehow made its way into the lungs. We long ago decided, after the tube was gone, to only use it at night, which has been tremendously comforting.  It has only gone off twice, and both of those were due to us misplacing the leads.  After 5 weeks at home without incident, we finally felt confident enough to try a night without it. 

Parker had moved out of our room and into his nursery a few weeks ago, so we were doubly nervous to try him off the monitor while he was two rooms away.  We have a regular monitor, but it most certainly doesn't give any indication as to whether he is breathing or not.  Sunday, we gave ourselves a big old pep talk, gave him his night night bottle, had a story and prayers, and left.  I stayed up for his midnight dream feed, checking on him a hundred times a minute.  After that, I attempted sleep until Mike got up at 4 to go to work.  Before I knew it, the sun was shining and the first night was over. 

A pictorial representation of Abby's Night:

*repeat 800 more times*

We are now on night three, and I have actually managed to sleep with only one eye and one ear open.  I've shopped the AngelCare monitors, which I used to dismiss as a sign of overanxious parenting.  I am now President of the Overanxious Parent club and retract all former statements!!

We are off to enjoy this week-- our first week ever of no doctor's appointments!  He did so well with weight gain that we can cut back to twice monthly weigh ins.  Hooray!  Our next appointments are a weight check next week and a follow up with the GI the following Monday.  After that, we enter our den for a winter of hibernation.  I feel like I should be gathering acorns. More on that later.


  1. Love those little boys and their Mom and Dad. Parker is a Jones baby for sure.

    Love Dad

  2. I am particularly glad that Parker looks like you and your dad. Happy the little guy is doing well. Miss the Atlanta team.

  3. I am so happy for Prince Parker moving to his own castle. You have a beautiful family.

  4. Es ist ZUper! LMAO at resemblances (and old pic of MWK)! Opa 2012-09-26th Wed-13:23

  5. I love the JOY that comes through in your blogs. We are all counting YOUR blessings!!!!

  6. I stumbled across your blog right before Parker was born and I've loved reading updates and so happy Parker has done and continues to do so well. I am also a card carrying member of the Over Anxious Parents club and am here to tell you that I LOVE and cannot rave enough about the AngelCare monitor. We received one over 3 years ago before our oldest was born and there's not one baby product I can more highly recommend than the AngelCare monitor! It didn't get the best reviews in the book I read...but a friend said she liked it and I thought it would give me so much peace of mind..which it HAS! Lots of the reviews I read said that theirs would go off frequently and for no reason; however, we NEVER had that issue. I will never forget the 1st time it went off...you better believe we went from out cold to standing and on the run in 1 second! The few times it went off were luckily only a case of the baby moving too far away from the center of the bed where the sensor was under the mattress. The monitor did die right before we had our 2nd...and we bought the same one again. We don't have the fancy video version..just the plain one. Can't recommend it more highly!