Sunday, September 9, 2012

Big Boy

Jeremiah started school this week-- he is now going 3 days a week to 3-year-old preschool. He ADORES school, and I adore the environment (it's the preschool attached to our church).  Last year, he was one of the older kids in his class, a good head taller than everyone else, and the self-proclaimed leader of the pack.

This year, he is in with the "older threes" group, and I am excited to see how he does.  He had a wonderful first two days, has made lots of new friends already, and is happy to be back in the school routine.  He LOVES TO LEARN, has a pretty good sight word vocabulary, and is working hard to learn how to string letter sounds together to read words.   He amazes me each and every day- I am not sure how Mike and I, two socially awkward recluses, managed to create this confident, self-assured, precocious little man.

LOOK HOW MUCH HE GREW IN A YEAR!  I die.  Seriously.  Couldn't love him more.

In other news, briefly:
1) I cancelled Parker's pH probe test for this past week.  It was set up by the GI when he was still on a feeding tube as an attempt to determine why he wasn't eating orally.  Our pediatrician didn't really see a need for it now that he IS taking bottles, doesn't show much sign of pain, and is already on reflux meds.  I was afraid of the test itself-- it involves shoving another NG tube-type thing that measures if/when/how much Parker refluxes during a 24 hour period.  Mike and I were afraid that putting another tube in might lead to a backslide in the eating department, which we cannot afford. We have a swallow study this week, and I will ask if the GI wants to reschedule the pH probe.  I am hoping not!

2) Speaking of pediatricians-- Parker did not gain weight this week.  Hmph.  Dr. Putnam is not overly concerned about it as he has a good amount of weight on him already, plus he is starting to wiggle all around and burn some extra calories.  She wants to see some improvement this week.  My immediate response was for all the blood to drain out of my face before asking, "Does that wretched tube need to go back in?"
Her answer was that, for now and if need be, she can tamper with his calories in his fortified milk.  Needless to say, we have been shoving food at Parker all day every day to see is he is interested.  Sure enough, he must be in a growth spurt as he will happily eat anytime we offer.  COME ON WEIGHT GAIN!

3)  Jeremiah informed me this week-- "MOM! You are a GENIUS!"  Why?  Because I engineered him a pretty rad playhouse out of a giant FedEx box and rigged up some mood lighting.  He decorated the inside and outside with his crayons, and he spends most of every day in there.  It takes up most of my living room floor, but he is just so darn happy in there that I can't bear to ask him to move it!

4)  Such a fun weekend:  crafts (making lots of wreaths!), finally getting to get back to making ridiculous cakes for people I love (Happy 50th, Uncle Greg!), celebrating a milestone (Happy 40th Anniversary, Patti and Milton!), Hubs off of work, and a win for the Dawgs (even if it was ugly).

Nothing could make me happier than being piled up in my bed with my boys watching football.  Smiles all around, in between the shouting at the TV.

5) I get a thrill every time I get to put Jeremiah and Parker in matching/coordinating clothes.  I am SO that mom, and I am unashamed.  I don't do it every day, but definitely for church.  Here they are today in their shirts from Mrs. Joan. 

My heart is happy.


  1. Parker has grown so much! They are both adorable! They will grow up so fast! Have a great week.

  2. And our hearts are happy for YOU! May life continue to bless you as you take it day by day. Love the look alike BIG and little brother outfits, adorable!

  3. Yay!!! So happy for you all!! So cute to see the boys in matching shirts!! Ha ha I used to do that too!!!