Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Little Bulldawgs

First things first--

Our appointments on Thursday were a great success- Parker managed to gain 3 ounces in 3 days between pediatrician visits, so she feels like we are pretty much in the clear.  We are continuing to fortify his milk, but we should be starting on solids within a month or so and might can cut back on that once the extra calories start pouring in.

The follow-up with the surgeon was happily uneventful-- he thinks everything looks great from his perspective.  He'd like us to get a chest x-ray done every 3 months for the first 2 years, with actual office checkups every 6 months.  He gave us some things to look out for as symptoms of reherniation, which is an increased risk with a patch, but he feels strongly that the double patch will hold.  Fingers crossed on that front!!

The rest of the weekend was spent being oh so joyful that college football started up. There is just no happier time in our house than fall, primarily for football reasons but also because I get to drag out all of my accumulated seasonal decor foolishness.  "Dust catchers" as my mom used to call them.  My new addiction to deco mesh wreaths will not help the situation!!

Friday was "College Colors Day," so I of course got my boys all dolled up in their red and black.  We stopped off for some school spirit cookies, and my little stinker JB decided he needed an Auburn cookie. 


 That's the one he chose out of the case, and as he nibbled it with glee, he said (and I quote), "When I eat this cookie, Mommy, my heart feels orange."

Whatevs, silly boy.  Mommy will sneak into your room and switch your Jake and the NeverLand Pirates CD for "Glory Glory" to fix this problem.  OH THAT'S RIGHT, Auburn liked our song so much that they chose to borrow it.  Perhaps therein lies the confusion. :-)
(seriously, if he had to choose an orange school, Auburn is the best choice.  I have some dearly beloved friends who are Auburn fans.  Bless their hearts.)

P-nut, on the other hand, is down with the Dawgs.  

Saturday morning, the first thing out of Jeremiah's mouth was "MOM!  I CAN WEAR MY HAIRY DAWG SUIT!"  I suppose the Auburn cookie's memory faded quickly- he was given this little fleece warmup suit by his Auntie Amberle months ago.  It has been waiting in his closet for Game Day, and his little brain has been counting the seconds.  90-degree weather doesn't matter too much when you're 3!

Love my little Dawgs.  Couldn't be happier to run around my house barking with these two.  Hooray for a win for the Dawgs, even if it was a lil' bit ugly.

I was quite proud of myself this weekend-- Mike went back to work after a 2-week haitus so it was just me and the boys.  We actually managed to make it up and about and be productive citizens.  I even made it to church on time Sunday morning!
I bought these linen shirts AGES ago, on a leap of faith that Parker would be home during the summer.  I figured it was now or never for linen tropical shirts and sandals!  No-post Labor Day faux pas! 

Sunday night, we met Mike for dinner at a fundraiser to support the Public Safety Foundation.  Someone paid for our meal, which was a tremendous surprise.  All in all, I'd say it was a good weekend.  
Happy Labor Day!!


  1. I have been following your blog for a long time, before Parker was born, as I am a good friend of Baby Bee's mom. I've laughed and cried while reading your posts. But, I'm a huge Georgia Bulldawg fan and this post kept me rolling. My husband doesn't let our boys wear the color orange, at all, ever!!

  2. Sounds as if you are pretty much on a normal schedule .... life goes on and YOU are the most grateful of all. We delight in your progress updates and pray they get better day by day.