Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Tube Free is the Way to Be!

I feel like I should apologize to anyone who encountered me in any fashion between Parker's homecoming and last Sunday.  I don't entirely know why, but that cursed NG tube got under my skin and made me a grouch.

I think it was due in large part to the fact that no one in the medical field felt like there were any physical impairments to Parker's eating-- he's just a stubborn little fool.  I was frustrated by that, and expected doctors and nurses and speech therapists to have magic pills that would fix it in 3.5 seconds flat.  Looking back on it, I was unfair.  Nothing aggravated me more, as a teacher, than when parents would say, "What are YOU going to do to make my child pass?" when the obvious question should have been, "What can my child do to help himself pass?" Granted, I am dealing with a three-month old who might not yet have the greatest grasp on his free will, but still.  I feel bad about my attitude in the last two weeks.

**I need to tell you something about that grasp on free will I just referenced:  we have stumbled upon one of the reasons Parker was unwilling to partake in his bottles... He will not, WILL NOT, drink from a bottle unless it has been microwaved for precisely 9 seconds.  Go on and shout about not microwaving bottles, but if it gets that little gremlin to eat, I will do anything!  He will totally be that guy at Starbucks ordering a skinny soy half caf double shot latte steamed to 124.7 degrees.  Stinker.**

In happier news, since we pulled the tube Sunday morning, things have been fantastic.  We had an appointment with Parker's pediatrician Tuesday morning, who did a happy dance in the exam room and gave us a thumbs up to keep it out as long as he continues to do well.  And he has been-- he took 17 oz by mouth on Sunday, and every day since then he has been in the mid-20s.  He actually CRIED FOR A BOTTLE yesterday, which just sent Mike and I to the floor.  I have been cooking every night.  I finally started working out again (Crossfit Mamas! I love to hate you).  I got to be crafty again. *see below* We have stopped carting that silly SmartMonitor around and only use it at night.  We are almost like a normal family... Amazing how much things can change in 4 days!

I feel somewhat ashamed that I was letting that tube bother me so.  A feeding tube kept my baby alive for 3 months, and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that they keep lots of kids alive well past Parker's age.  It wasn't the tube itself so much as it was my deep-down feeling that there was a better way to be doing things, but I couldn't do a darn thing about it until Parker decided it was time.  Patience has NEVER been a virtue of mine, and I can only hope and pray that we didn't jump off a cliff to quickly and have to backtrack if Parker can't keep up with his eating.  We go for another weigh-in at the pediatrician tomorrow morning, and our first follow-up appointment with his surgeon tomorrow afternoon.  Prayers appreciated, as always!

We are busy folks this week at the Knoll house--
appointments tomorrow, followed by Jeremiah's Preschool Meet the Teacher open house.  I am going to miss my little man 3 days a week, but he is so ready to go back.

Friday, Mike goes back to work after a 2 week break.  I am saddened by this news, as I have gotten so used to having him home!!  His boys sure do love him (and so do I)!

And finally, the time I have been waiting for has finally arrived. COLLEGE FOOTBALL IS BACK!  I decided that I needed some sort of festivities for my door... and thanks to Pinterest, I have developed a fascination with deco mesh.  I need more craft crap supplies like I need a hole in my head, but I am pleased with the final results:

(I have double front doors, so there is another one that says "Sic Em, Woof Woof".  Mike said they look like color guard props.  Whatevs.)

And finally, the sweetest sound in the history of the world (in my opinion, at least):


  1. Oh, how wonderful! Thanks for sharing the video. I am so happy that your family is getting back to normal. I know that Jeremiah is a great big brother and I wish him the best with school starting. I am going to enjoy watching Parker grow.

  2. A baby's giggle ... nothing could be sweeter to the ears. So happy to hear it. Happy too, that life is more normal for all of you. As you say ... what a difference a day or 4 or 3 months worth can make. Roll on now, sweet Knolls ... you are on your way to HAPPY EVER AFTER!!!!!!