Friday, June 8, 2012

Walking on Sunshine

*because there's just not any other song that conveys this feeling of unbridled joy*

Happy Three Week Birthday, Parker!  Happy Holding Day, Mommy!

It was magical.  It was delightful.  It was mildly terrifying.
I sat in a chair and had pillows shoved all around to make a happy little nest.  Then, two nurses and a respiratory therapist began the procedure of moving Parker into my arms.  The medicine pump tower had to be moved.  The IVs and tubes had to be gathered.  The ventilator tubes had to be secured.  The baby had to be moved.  The IVs and tubes had to be settled.  The ventilator tubes had to be taped into place.

And then, we sat there.

And sat there and sat there and sat there.  I got to hold him for about two hours, during which I told him all about our upcoming trip to Disney World.

**Yep, you heard that.  We ARE going to Disney World, dagnabit.  How do I know that?  Because the neonatologist confirmed that we are NOT in the land of a 50-50 shot anymore.  He pronounced Parker "Expected to survive (with 80 legal disclaimers inserted here about no guarantees and whatnot)" when Mike asked him yesterday.  I am not sure I have ever heard sweeter words.**

Here's the somewhat boring medical update:
-IJs removed today (these were the temporary lines in his jugular after he was removed from ECMO.  They were used for central access)
-PICC line inserted from left foot (this will stay for a looooooong while- it is now the central access)
-Morphine drip discontinued, bolus doses every 2 hours.  He's still on a pretty hefty amount, but it will hopefully be weaned down as time passes.  He still gets regular Ativan doses to take the edge off.
-Talk of possible extubation (off the ventilator) next week.  This will be a huge step!
-Tried to start feeding breast milk yesterday.  3 cc/hour.  Tiny tiny tiny amount.  Major puke-age.  Tried it at 1 cc/hour.  Tiny tiny tiny tiny amount.  Even more puke-age.  Epic fail on day one of feeding. His little belly just isn't ready yet, and that's fine.  We will try again soon!

My dad and Mike's mom visited yesterday.  My sister and her husband visited today.  It was nice for Parker finally to start meeting his family!

You know what else is nice? 

Loved this day.


  1. Woohoo!!! Congratulations!! So happy for you!! What a great day!!

  2. What a great day for everyone!! So happy for you all!

  3. What a great day for everyone!! So happy for you all!

  4. Best news ever!!! All of it!!!! ;) Seriously made my night and I don't even know you! Hee Hee!!!! Getting my Survivor dressed tonight and looked at the battle wounds, and sent good thoughts Parker's way... Saw tiny ECMO scars peeking outta the shirt. Teeny tiny PICC line scar outta the ankle... Huge scar hidden under shirt! (I agree w shark bite story!!) BUT nothing compared the huge smile and wonderful " I love you too Mommy!" I heard after our story time... All these milestones, even the tough ones like holding him after THREE weeks and waiting for the extubation, are so worth the wait for the hope of a wonderful future!!!

  5. There are no words... I am so happy that you both got to hold him! I remember this day like it was yesterday!! =)

    And YAY for "those" words!! Such an AWESOME day! Happy 3 week birthday Parker, and holding day momma!

  6. Tears are flowing.....complete bliss! Those are the sweetest words ever spoken when your neonatalogist stops talking percentages & stats and just talking about the future. God is so amazingly good! I'm in awe of his Grace!! We are celebrating this awesome triumph with you all. Way to go Knolls & little P-man (my son prefers this because he says Parker is like Superman or Batman ...depending on what day you ask...big smile)!

  7. I cried when i saw your photo holding him pop up! I don't even know you and i cried! So thankful for all your steps forward and out of the land of 50-50!

  8. I must say I sat here and just cried with excitment. I am so glad to hear that things are going well for you guys. You will continue to be in our prayers. Lots of love sent your way.

  9. The best blessings are the ones we share ... THANK YOU for sharing this special moment with all of your many prayer warriors. We ALL feel blessed today! Parker WILL survive!!!!!!

  10. So happy he is doing well! Seeing you hold him made me cry!!!!