Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Fun

We had such a wonderful Easter!!

Jeremiah was the cutest lil' Easter bunny I've ever seen for his egg hunt at school.

Mike and I got to go to the Passion City Good Friday service to worship and remember what Good Friday is all about. LOVE being able to sing along to Chris Tomlin and David Crowder in a crowd of 13,000. No one can hear my "joyful noise."

We had a wonderful Easter service at our church. (put on your sunglasses before viewing the gigantic hot-pinkness to be seen in this photo. Still, I felt confident in my pink muumuu. You take that when you can these days!!!)

We hosted our families for Easter lunch and the now-second-generation Easter Egg hunt. I was transferring all our home videos to our backup drive this week, and I was laughing hysterically at the commentary in the background of our egg hunts. Someone (well, EVERYONE) invariably mentions that my Grandaddy used to help me "cheat" at the egg hunts by giving me hints (well, straight up directions) to the hiding places. What is endlessly amusing to me is that a) 30 years have gone by and there is still some animosity from the cousins about it all, and b) Jeremiah and my nieces (Emma Jean and Rosie) now have approximately 20 grownups shouting and pointing at all the eggs. They barely have a chance to "hunt" for anything. Suddenly, Grandaddy doesn't look so guilty, does he???

Love these munchkins.

In other news, I must point you towards a post written by one of my fellow CDH Mommies, Rhonda. She is expecting her little girl, Esther, this week (send lots of prayers their way!!). She wrote a post on Good Friday that touched my heart so deeply. Every morning that I wake up is a morning that I am closer to meeting Parker. For that, I am so thrilled. Every morning is also another day closer to knowing what we are up against. For that, I am beyond anxious.

What I do know is that God is with us every morning, and He knows our fears. While not even remotely on the same level, Good Friday and Easter took on a whole new meaning for me this year. God watched his son suffer through unspeakable anguish. Even though He knew the victory was coming, it hurt His heart. I keep holding onto that-- there will be suffering, it will hurt our hearts, but Parker's victory is coming. I wish I knew what that looked like, but I know that, whatever the outcome, it WILL be a victory.

"Not my will, but yours be done."

In the meantime, all I can do is pray, truck it to the doctor, and attempt to get the logistical details nailed down before his arrival. I MIGHT have started a Psycho Mommy Binder. More on that later. :-)

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