Monday, February 25, 2013

100th Post! Cursing and Anti-Feminism and Pink Balls!

Yahoo!  100 posts on this little blog of mine.  And by some freakish miracle, 200,000 pageviews.  A special thank you to anybody who cares enough about our little family to check in here.  We heart you.

Here are some random musings from this weekend:

1) Just lost EVERYTHING on my phone.  Was sitting on my sofa, got a text from Hubs, and all of a sudden my contact list disappeared.  Shortly thereafter, everything else went. *here is where I hear the wicked cackling of my Sister, who would tell me that if I ever bothered to back anything from my phone up this wouldn't happen. Whatevs.*
So, peeps, send me a text with your number and your name.  'Cause I don't know you anymore.  And if you sent me a text recently and I didn't answer you, that's why.  Send it again.
Ugly ugly ugly thoughts.  Stomping and stomping and stomping.

2)  Today was Daytona Day, and it pleases my heart to have my official "bridge the gap between football seasons" sport up and going again.  It has been a long few weeks since the Superbowl.  I am pleased to report that I took my first NASCAR nap of the season today, and it was glorious. As NASCAR naps always are.

3)  Speaking of NASCAR, I am somewhat disappointed in my lack of Girl Power Female Solidarity.  I was downright belligerently angry to see Erin Andrews doing "commentary" before the race (mostly it consisted of running around the pits shrieking and flapping her hands), and NO RACE SHOULD INVOLVE DARRELL WALTRIP TALKING ABOUT WHAT HAPPENS WHEN DRIVERS DATE EACH OTHER.
Super for you, Danica, you led a lap.  Stop sashaying around on TV in bikinis and maybe I'll take you seriously.

4) What I lack in "females in NASCAR" support, I make up for in "females participating in foolish obstacle races" support.  I had the pleasure of running the Diva Dash yesterday-- Sister's group had some last minute cancellations and needed some warm bodies.  I am such, and it sounded like a fun way to spend a Saturday, running a 5k with girly obstacles scattered throughout.
IT WAS A BLAST!  It was also freezing cold and beyond muddy due to near constant rain for the last few days.  Still, it was a delightful morning spent: (photos from Crazy Girl Kristen and the Diva Dash page. 'Cause I had some, and NOW THEY ARE GONE.  Stupid phone.)

-Running up and down a soggy mountain trail
-Scaling walls
-Bounding over tire heaps and construction barrels
-Scaling cargo nets and hay bales
-Stepping over stair straps and through mazes
-Carrying logs through the forest
-Zooming through monkey bars and bungee cord webs
-Dodging big pink balls
-Getting taken out by Sister's helpless body as she ate it on the muddy creek bank, knocking my feet out from under me and sending me neck-deep in freezing water. But I love her anyway.

-Watching the tractor pull in the pastures, where we had parked, that resulted from many soccer-mom SUVs getting stuck in the ankle deep mud.  They literally called in surrounding farmer boys with their tractors and Bobcats.
Look at that sweet man in this photo a racer posted.  Above and beyond the call of duty, sir.  Damsels in distress thank you!

Adventures of the best kind, friends.

Still, I was able to run much more easily than I anticipated.  This was not a timed event, and the object was to have fun, but for the parts that I did run, I ran well and could have run much more.  (Yay marathon training!)  It was a fun morning with fun gals.

Speaking of marathon training- I am almost done with the Couch to 5k Program, which I have been using as my get-back-into-shape-since-you-haven't-run-since-October-2011 method.  It went pretty easily, and I feel good.  I've been averaging about 10 miles a week for the last month or so, and I'm ready to graduate to a full on marathon training program now that I feel like I have my feet under me.

I finished the Diva Dash Saturday and thought, "Super!  Now I just have to do that  8 and a half more times! Easy peasy!"


  1. YOU never cease to amaze me! No wonder Parker is such a fighter ... just look at his gutsy mom!! Never would I have endured that race and come out SMILING ... you GO, girl!!!!!!! I truly think you can do ANYTHING you put your mind to. Hats off to a remarkable lady!

  2. Abby....
    100 Blog posts!! Wow!! I remember my 100th Blog post!! And 200,000 pageviews?! Congrats, congrats!! ;)
    Sorry that you lost everything on your phone!! That is no fun!! :-(
    I am glad that you enjoyed your race!! And you CAN do the marathon!! I do mean that!! ;-D

    1. Thanks lady! I appreciate the encouragement!!