Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter Festivities!!!!

 I love and adore Easter.  I always have.  It has always been such a celebratory time-- as a child, you celebrate that the weather finally starts to warm up, you get fancy new clothes, and obscene amounts of candy appear in your house overnight.
As you get older, you finally start to grasp the magnitude of that day thousands of years ago when the stone rolled away and Jesus emerged victorious.  You start to realize that you are a stubborn wretch who screws up every day, but that because of Jesus and His sacrifice you have a hope and a future. Then you become a parent, get a whole new idea of what the word "love" means, and fully understand what it meant for God to love the world SO MUCH that he gave his son.

And you still celebrate the candy and the clothes. Let's be real.

We had so many fun things to do this week--
it started with a trip to Bass Pro Shops.  Despite my Christmas rage at them, I really just can't say how nice it is that they put on free festivities for all.  They had a fun little Easter egg hunt throughout the store (eggs were hidden in all the departments, tucked into hats and mittens, underneath taxidermied turkeys, etc. etc. etc.), crafts, and free photos with the Easter bunny.

 Redneck fun, friends. 
 The kiddos made these cute little bunnies.

 My two proper Southern gentlemen, seersucker suits, bucks, and bowties, waiting to see the bunny.

Tickles me pink.

We also had Jeremiah's egg hunt at preschool, which was big fun despite being 30 degrees.  At the end of March.  This Georgia gal no likey the cold.
Egg hunt superstar!!

We woke up Sunday morning to a few goodies from the Easter Bunny...
Sweetest bunnies ever.
*Jeremiah's basket had a very important note from the Easter Bunny... more on that in a bit*

We went to church (Mike had to work but took a half day and was home for lunch)
This dress is a WHOLE. OTHER. BLOG. POST.

Jiminy crickets.

We then met up at Sister's house for food and egg hunt with the family, despite 2 minute torrential downours of rain every 15 minutes.

 Love these kiddos.

JeanJean and her great grandkids.
Get ready, Disney World, this crew is headed your way in 4 short weeks!!

Such a fun day.  So many blessings.  I hope yours was, too!


  1. i want to read the dress blog. i love that dress!

  2. Love those suits. Yes, we do grasp the meaning of Easter as adults and it's GREAT!

  3. You had a great time, quality time with your family! It's great!