Thursday, April 4, 2013


1) We spent our anniversary dinner watching basketball at Taco Mac and were asleep by 9:30.

My dear cousin Margaret made a multi-purpose cookie cake (not only was it Easter, CDH day, our anniversary, but also my cousin Mitchell's birthday), so we took cheesy cake re-enactment pictures...

"Take a picture before we leave for dinner!" I said to my brother-in-law.
Not what I had in mind.  But this is confessions, and this is our marriage in a nutshell. ;-)

Much better.  All I see in this picture is my glaring ugly kneecaps.

2)  Before Sunday, my kneecaps have not been in open air in probably 4 years.  

If you have seen my kneecaps in person, take that as a testament to our friendship.  There are many reasons for this, not the least of which are my ghastly pale skin, general post babies fatness, and my pregnancy leftover varicose veins that are so bad that they will soon be requiring surgery. I wear nothing shorter than capri pants, even in the dead of summer, and the cover-up sarong stays on until the SECOND I get into a pool.

Sister and I were out shopping Saturday and both decided enough was enough.  The time for hiding behind maxi skirts was over.  Too many adorable dresses to pass up.  So, through mutual pep-talking, we each bought dresses that were WAY far out of our individual comfort zones.  And my kneecaps were afraid.

3)  My kneecaps almost didn't make it to church Sunday morning.

I got myself dressed Sunday morning, and finally felt some modicum of self-confidence due to:
a) having lost 40% of my post-babies pounds
b) Spanx
c) Kate Middleton-ing myself with super sheer hose and nude heels
HOSIERY FANS UNITE!  I love and adore her for reminding today's women that real ladies cover their legs and a multitude of uglies with nylon.  Wonder how she'll do if she has to wrestle the baby bump into prescription support hose. Been there, done that, honey.

I actually blow dried my hair.  I was SET!  And then, as we are walking out the door, a sweet little voice says in a somewhat panicked tone...

"MOM!  You CANNOT go to church without pants!"

*And there goes a little air out of my balloon.*

 "But sweetie, this is a dress and it's okay!"

"NO!  MOM!  Dresses are supposed to be long. I can see your legs!  YOU NEED PANTS!"

*pffffffffffffffffffffffffttttttttttttttttttttttttttt goes Abby's balloon*

At this point, I very strongly considered skipping church and going to the Krispy Kreme drive thru to drown my sorrows.  However, I managed to convince him to rub my legs, and that the fabric he felt counted as pants.   He was skeptical at best.

But I went.  And I am glad I did.  The first step to kneecap acceptance is the hardest.

4) Our house violated my "Easter is not Christmas" rule.  The Easter Bunny brought Jeremiah a bike.

And the Easter Bunny felt shame.  He usually decides that if it didn't come from the dollar spot at Target and/or it doesn't fit in your basket, it's too much.

TO BE FAIR... Santa Claus had originally brought Jeremiah a bike, but Santa screwed up and brought one that was correctly sized for his height, but just too darn big for him to control.  He has been terrified to ride it since day one, and Santa has felt sad.  The Easter Bunny caught wind of this, and decided to rectify the situation and to put Santa's bike away for a year or two.

And life has been grand. It has lights and sirens and is WAY COOLER than the big boy bike. For now.
**Excuse the total parenting fail in forgetting the bike helmet when going to the park.**

He rode that sucker all the way around a 2.2 mile trail with NO PROBLEMS AT ALL!  He was so proud of himself. 
Look at him. 
Brazenly standing there with his kneecaps all kinds of showing, 
hand on his hip and feeling feisty.  
There are lessons to be learned here, I think.
 I could eat those knobby lil' knees up.

5)  It's official. And I am scared to death!

I actually registered early for the marathon today (with a discount!), thanks to DVC member perks.  Our reservations are made... Wilderness Lodge for now, will try to switch it over to an Epcot resort when the seven month window opens.  This is good news.  Now I have a goal.  A concrete, PAID FOR goal.

But it still makes me completely sweaty-armpits terrified.

Training is going well-- I count January as my official start to training, and I have noticed a HUGE improvement in my stamina just 3 months.  Not to mention, despite making zero improvement to my eating habits, 13 lbs have come off since January 19th.

Totally not my motivation for doing this race, but definitely a nice side effect!

278 days to get ready.
Comin' for you, Mouse!


  1. You got me laughin like crazy. I so which we lived by each other. We would be each other's motivator's. I can't wait to start running and will sign up for a half marathon soon- I know its not a full, but we will have a new baby soon and not enough time. Can I send you a little Esther CDH shirt to train in? Its a running shirt and I would love for you to wear it whenever you think of our journey. It was great to rethink about our mutual post on the Garden of Gethsemane around this time last year. Thinking about what the Lord has brought us through in our time of fear but giving it all to him. What a journey it has been Abby over the years. Thanks for being such an amazing example of Christ to so many of our CDH friends old and new to come. Just facebook me your address again and I will send it off when I get around to it.

  2. LOVE your dress! You look beautiful. Good job stepping out of your comfort zone! (I have never posted but have been following your blog since July, when we had a CDH scare)

  3. You are hilarious, and you look awesome in that dress!

  4. The dress looks great! I'm a knee hater too. I have never been a fan of my legs and don't wear shorts often. Not to mention, I'm as white as them come. But hey, white's in.....look at Nicole Kidman :) Good for you on the marathon!

  5. Abby....
    Did you miss me? {Okay, that was part of a Tony Stark/Iron Man line from "The Avengers". Very cocky and self-centered, actually!!} Well, I have appeared missing in action so to speak around everybody's Blogs lately. I'm baaaack!! Did you miss me? Hee, hee, hee.... ;)
    I loved the story about your son!! {Who shall remain nameless!!} "YOU NEED PANTS"!! Crack. Me. Up!! ;-D
    You can do it!! Show Mickey Mouse what you are made of!! You're a fighter.... Like Parker!! ;)

  6. What a day maker you are ... and a beautiful one to boot! Thanks for laughs and acknowledging just how it is to be a woman!!!! We all need to take a lesson from you. I do believe you can conquer the world!!!!! YOU GO, GIRL!!!!!