Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Photo Catchup

It occurs to me on a daily basis that I need to get better about actually saving pictures and videos onto our external hard drive, most especially after my phone erased EVERYTHING last month.  It also occurs to me that everything I upload to this page can act as an extra backup on top of allowing our friends and family to see what the boys are up to...
In that spirit, let's revisit Parker's 9 month pictures and St. Patrick's Day.  Better late than never!!

My aunt Nesie (go visit her page and get her to take some pictures of you.  Seriously.  Go.) took Parker's 9 month pictures, the next in our we-can-do-that-Pinterest series.  He's pretty stinkin' cute, even if he REFUSED to smile for Nesie.  Not even one bit.

Here's the whole series so far-- just one more to go!  I can't even talk about how close we are to his birthday.  For serious.

She also took some of the boys together, which I absolutely ADORE. 

 Couldn't love two little beings any more than these two.

We also had St. Patrick's Day, which was not really a festival of festivities...

We went to the park...
 He loves to swing.

And Publix...


But it DID allow me to partake in my somewhat-obsessive Photo Re-creation with Jeremiah and Parker.

   Jeremiah at 3 months (one of my favorite pictures EVER!), Parker at 10 months. 
Love my little leprechauns!

In other news, we are completely doctor's visit free until May.  I do have to schedule a follow-up hearing screen (precautionary, not due to any concerns) and a possible physical therapy consult.  I have gone back and forth 100 times about physical therapy-- the developmental clinic wanted him "crawling by St. Patty's day", which I suppose is technically happening. It doesn't  look anything like a regular baby crawling-- it's more of a commando crawl with crazy leg kicks added, but he can most definitely get where he wants to go.  Dr. Putnam, our pediatrician, is unconcerned.  My friend Jill, a PT herself, is unconcerned.  I, his crazy mommy, am in constant "SHOULDN'T WE BE AT THE DOCTOR MORE?????" mode. Le sigh.  We'll get it sorted out.

This week, however, we are focused entirely on Easter festivities and remembering the sacrifice Jesus made for us all. (I have been glued to The Bible miniseries on the History channel... though it has taken some "artistic liberties" with the Scriptures, it has been an amazing reminder of God's power and His plans for this mixed-up world we live in.  Sunday is the finale- the crucifixion and resurrection. Can't wait!)  We also have Easter egg hunts and seersucker suits and bowties and frivolities.  And being eternally grateful to have two baskets for the bunny to fill this year.


  1. Oh my goodness, Parker has grown so much!

  2. Abby....
    I love that first picture of Parker!! Too. Cute. For. Words!! ;)
    I love to swing, too!! It makes me feel as though I am flying!! ;-D
    "And being eternally grateful to have two baskets for the bunny to fill this year.". This touched my deepest emotions!! ;)

  3. Donuts, leprechauns ..... bunnies, baskets, colored eggs, cuteness and LOVE. Happy Easter to a very blessed family!

  4. I have been watching and reading Parkers journey , he had some steep hills to climb . And he not only climbed them but he ran up a few of them . God had a plan when he placed that strong heart beat next to yours . Thank you for sharing a part of your family .

  5. Parker is just the cutest, I love his smiles!