Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Belated Six Months

 Remember this lil' guy at 3 months?
 Look at him now at 6 months!  Growing like a weed!
I know he's mine, but heavens to gracious he's pretty darn cute.  That could be due to the fact that he looks just like his mama :-)  Thank you thank you thank you, Nesie, for the pictures!

My sweet daddy put this picture up on his Facebook account a few days ago-- it makes my heart happy for so many reasons... Mostly because I love my Daddy and Sister to the ends of the earth. It also tickles me to death to finally have a little clone baby after Mike got to (and still does) crow about Jeremiah.

I took this picture right before we left town Thursday, and there might be a bit of truth to one of my friend's comment that it looks just like Mike and I sitting there playing Legos.  I love those boys to pieces!!

I need to record Parker's 6 month stats before I forget-- he is 29 inches long (so far off the chart it's not even funny) and 20.1 pounds (75th %ile).  He's a quarter of an inch longer than JB at 6 months and almost a pound heavier. NICU what??? He's gigantic! And sweet as can be.

Round 2 of Synagis today.  Follow up with GI on Monday.  147 more days of hibernation.  Tick tock tick tock.


  1. Pretty darn cute does not even come close ... wow ... he is absolutely PERFECT!!!!!!

  2. So sweet! And a handsome one to boot! We are so happy for your sweet family and your wonderful little boys!!

  3. Love my boys, and their wonderful parents!