Thursday, November 15, 2012

Flip Day

Today is Parker's "Flip Day," which I am not sure is a technical term, but I have decided to make it one.

He has officially been home longer than he was in the hospital!!  90 days is a long time in a hospital, but 91 days at home is just the beginning!!

We celebrated this morning by going to Krispy Kreme (naturally) in our pajamas.  RSV hibernation time means we spend a lot of days in our pajamas.  I am learning to embrace it. :-)

Parker was MOST happy with his 3 specks of glaze hat he got to eat.
*note our new friend the "RSV Stop Sign" that hangs on his carseat.  Fun times!*

It's funny, because it feels like he's been home forever... and I just can't remember spending that many days down at Egleston.  I honestly have blocked out so much of our time there.  I spent my morning looking back through pictures and re-reading my blog, and while it reopened some old wounds, I was completely overcome *again* by God's grace and provision for our family during Parker's ordeal.  As scary as it was, and as close as we came to losing him, we knew without a doubt that God had His hand on us and on Parker, no matter the outcome.  And I know that He continues to do so.  He will always.

I decided to make a little slideshow of Parker's first 6 months (which I have never done before.  Hooray technology!) and set it to one of my very favorite songs that I listened to over and over and over and over and over and over and over while he was in the hospital.


(phones don't seem to like the way Blogger links to YouTube, so if you can't see the video, click HERE for the direct link.)


  1. So hard not to cry, my son turned 18 today, he had a 50% survival rate at birth. The seasons of life we go through, we may never know why, but God has a plan.

  2. I'm so glad the Parker is doing so well. GOD IS GOOD!

  3. I love that song too, and when it's added to Parker's pictures, yes that makes me weepy. He is a miracle and I'm so happy to be celebrating his flip day from PA. Just wish I had one of those donuts!

  4. Mike, that is awesome. God's grace is sufficient! Glad you are all doing well. God bless.

  5. Happy Flip Day :) I feel like I was on that journey with y'all, especially at the very beginning before Bonnie was born. Loved your slide show. What an amazing testament of God's faithfulness. We love you Parker! :)

    P.S. Where'd you get the RSV tag? I needs me one!

    1. Please update Bonnie Bea. I miss knowing how she is doing. Thanks.

  6. YAY!!! Happy Flip Day!! Love the video. He looks like a happy lil the smiles!

  7. Tears are streaming down my face ... HAPPY TEARS! Just look at how far you all have come ... amazing! God's work never looked better. Thank you for taking us all on such a beautiful journey with you. Thanksgiving is such a wonderful time to count our blessings. May God continue to bless the Knoll family!!!!

  8. What a blessing! Happy Flip Day!

  9. I love your family and your willingness to share your gifts with us. Thank you for raising two very special boys. They are both adorable!

  10. So happy Parker is doing well!!! Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and New year!!!

  11. That is such a great song, so glad he is doing well! Abby how did you do that? I mean what program? I want to do one for Anya!