Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Good heavenly gracious.

We here at the Knoll house don't mess around when it comes to Thanksgiving.

In the last few days we have (in no particular order):

1) made cupcake turkeys for JB's preschool feast

Someone said to me, "Those are so cute!  How nice that you have time to do things like that!"
*backhanded compliment :-)*

2) celebrated in not-so-politically-correct-but-SO-ADORABLE Indian costumes.
I present you with Chief Leaping Bullfrog!

3)  had FOUR Thanksgiving meals
*yes, four*

4) spent a day on a cattle farm, thumping about in the hay
Sister made fun of my outfit.  "Farm chic!"

The P-nut was relegated to the barn.  Hayride next year!

5) journeyed to our cabin at Lake Rabun
Mini me!

6) survived a stomach virus
Thankfully, Parker and I have managed to dodge it thus far.

7)  made a GIGANTOR cake for a banquet

8) cheered on the Dawgs
Not sure how we're going to handle being out of town on Saturday...

9) run around the state of Georgia like chickens with no heads, but


10) gave thanks to God for each of our 10,000 reasons
*I actually said the blessing for this meal, and my hives and armpit sweating were not too bad!  I guess that's what happens when you talk to Jesus as much as I have this year.*

It was a wonderful holiday week, minus the stomach virus that thankfully was out of our house in 12 hours.  We are so very blessed in so many things.  We have a tremendous family, and every one of those 4 meals was special in its own way.  Few people are able to be as close to their families as we are, and I love it.  We have a house (disaster though it may currently be), we have cars, we have heat, we have clothes, we have just a wee bit of extra money to have fun with, we have food (So. Much. Food.), we have friends, we have our boys.  We have EVERYTHING.

**Side note: It just amazes me how quickly our focus shifts from full hearts to full hands.  I don't know when I became the old lady waving a stick in the front yard, but for some reason, this year in particular, I am just DONE-ZO with the gimme gimme gimmes and the LOOK WHAT I BOUGHT FOR MY KIDS!!!!!!!!!  I have to be careful not to put on my Judgy McJudgerson pants and leave each to his own.  But for the love of pete, I am tired of the "Put more under your tree!" ad campaigns and the Dudley Dursley-esque "How many presents this year?" mentality.  Rant over.  But I still shake my old lady stick at you.**

After such a week as this, it is a grand and glorious thing to realize that I can relax a bit.  It is far more grand and glorious that my maids come tomorrow.  But the GRANDEST and MOST GLORIOUS thing is that Mike and I are leaving Thursday for a weekend away at Disney World.  Cannot cannot wait!!


  1. What more is there to say ... happy family, happy life, countless blessings ... GOD IS GOOD!

  2. I've been having a problem with that too....I don't want to overdo it Christmas, and I hate that everyone has a tendency to do so. Too many times, we buy too many gifts, and it's just not necessary. I think our experiences have shown us what truly matters and for that we are thankful!