Friday, March 30, 2012

Parker Poofs and Pre-Pre-Eclampsia

Three week break from the perinatologist ran out today. How wonderful it was to have some time away from the doctors! I love getting to see the P-nut on ultrasounds as much as possible, but the drive, the wait, the nerves, and the "we still don't know much" gets old. Today marked the start of my final sprint to the finish line-- I set up all of my biophysical profile appointments from today until my due date (every Friday at 10 am). I will also be going to my regular OB for checkups and non-stress tests every Tuesday. Yahoo!

Today's appointment was pretty straightforward-- Parker looks great. He was doing some fantastic practice breathing, which was encouraging to see. He is measuring at 4 lbs 9 ounces, which puts him slightly above average for this stage of the game (~53%ile)... They told me not to be one bit surprised if he grows exponentially in the next few weeks and winds up a 10 pounder like Jeremiah. We'll take it-- we need him to be a big strong boy ready to fight!

In other news, I have been placed on the pre-eclampsia watch list. My blood pressure was wacky today, my legs look like sausages, and I have been dealing with some consistent nausea (AGAIN? Seriously? Like 22 weeks of it wasn't enough??) There is intermittent abdominal pain, but my thoughts on that are that every 32 week pregnant lady has abdominal pain. They are keeping an eye on it, and they don't really think that it will amount to anything. Still, as my sweet nurse said today, "Well, you don't seem to have enough to deal with, so why not add that?"

I did have a total freakout moment today. I ventured to this appointment alone, as I told Mike I didn't expect him to take off of work EVERY FRIDAY for the next 2 months. After the scan, I got sent to a consult room (which has never happened before). Even on the Bad News Day, we spent all of our time in the ultrasound room. My heart started pounding, and I furiously texted Mike. I was left in there approximately 2 minutes, and in that 2 minutes I determined that I was about to be told that something was horribly awry and I would be delivering Parker today.

Panic attack alone in small room.

Turns out they just wanted to redo my blood pressure measurement and set up my weekly appointments. Thankfully, my blood pressure cooperated and I got to go home. Jiminy crickets!

That's really about all from the appointment today. He's happy and growing, and that's all we can ask for right now. 7 weeks to go!

I shall sum up the rest of my news with bullet points:

-We are constantly amazed by the amount of love and prayers poured out on us. I have at least 3 people a day tell me how much they love us, how often they think of us, and how willing they are to help in any way. It is a wonderful feeling, and we are so very grateful to you all.

-The MegaMillions Jackpot drawing is in 6 minutes. I hold in my hand 5 chances at a new life. Mostly, I hold in my hand a $5 piece of trash. Still, it's worth a shot!!! If this entry goes unfinished, it's because we won and I am passed out on the floor.

-Tomorrow is CDH Awareness Day! It is also my fifth anniversary (on which my husband has to work... boo), and it is also the day of The Color Run. The Color Run is the wackiest 5k on earth-- every kilometer, people standing on the sides of the race course pelt you with neon food dye. By the end, you look like an Easter egg. I am running (um, let's be real. Waddling.) with about 20 of my favorite people. All proceeds go to Children's Healthcare of Atlanta. I figured 1) it's on CDH Day, and 2) it benefits the hospital that will care for Parker upon his arrival... sign me up! They welcome kids in this extravaganza, and I think it will be great fun.

I have fashioned myself a shockingly turquoise CDH Sparkly Spirit Bow to wear (I call it the Parker Poof). I have also taken it upon myself to create an Informational T-Shirt.

My Informational T-Shirt assumes several things:

a) Said information will be legible for longer than 3 minutes before being covered in neon powder.
b) Anyone will think, "Hey, let me stop having fun to read that girl's T-shirt!"
c) There will be anyone behind the 8 months pregnant lady to read said shirt.

Ya know what? Couldn't care less. It's going to be a ball, and maybe at least one person will go away knowing that their tie-dyed foolishness was for a great cause.

**updated to add... Still here. Not unconscious. Blast!

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